Christopher Titus

Right Amount of Wrong Box Set


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In 2004, Titus filmed “Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding.” In the 12 years following, he wrote and filmed six more 90-minute comedy specials. This set contains all seven– Ten and a half hours of groundbreaking stand-up comedy, including a bonus interview with Titus. Known for leaving no stone unturned, especially within his own life and family, Titus takes his audience on seven different ninety-minute rides through childhood, 911, divorce, America, his epic failures, happiness and raising children, and he always does it with just the Right Amount of Wrong.

This 4 Disc DVD Box Set Includes:

Norman Rockwell is Bleeding
5th Annual End of the World Tour
Love is evoL
Voice in My Head
Angry Pursuit of Happiness
Born With A Defect

and a BONUS hour long interview with Titus where he and Bombshell Rae remissness on the last decade of comedy. This is a collection you don’t want to miss.

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