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To the devastated,
LOVE IS EVOL was written and performed to get me through the worst couple years of my life. It’s always shocking how bad you can feel when your heart has been ripped out of your chest by a bad relationship.
Over the years since it’s release the letters and emails have been amazing. “Changed my life” to the extreme responses,
“ I laughed so hard I no longer wanted to kill myself” These are just a couple of things that were said in the thousands of letters from heartbroken people. This special limited edition of the show was meant to be given as a gift to people we know are going through the relationship grinder that we all eventually have to deal with. We designed it as a greeting card, a 90 minute hilarious seminar on how bad a relationship can go and how love is always possible. Whether this fixes your relationship or destroys it, you’re welcome. You will be happy again, laugh.
Christopher Titus

Love is Evol Valentines Day Card

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