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Today is a day of anger, despair, and honestly hatred. Last night in Manchester, England, a terror attack at a concert full of young girls, kids, killed 22, injured 60 people. ISIS claimed responsibility. ISIS, the same badasses that shot cartoonists, shot up museums and now blew up a concert with children. Low life’s, pathetic, cowardly, bugs, can’t even call them human. lower than dog shit. which is actually on the ISIS t-shirt.

I really wonder how far away we are from the end of the world? Feels close doesn’t it? What bothers me most is the casualness of people as these things happen. Literally the bodies are still bleeding, the families are still crying and super douche-bags are cranking out Ariana

Grande jokes on twitter. The bodies are still in the street and assholes are trying to get laughs off the blood of innocent kids. One dick on twitter is actually from Boston, I wonder if he had been that hilarious after the Boston marathon bombing?

You know what people, when we lose our humanity it’s time to end humanity. I don’t think Nukes are gonna end us, honestly I think its going to be our narcissistic, look at me, not give a shit about anyone but themselves lack of compassion and caring. Yeah I know a lot of you are thinking “What the hell Titus, did we just turn on NPR? Did you have a sex change into a Gandhi spewing, whale hugging, potpourri smoking massage therapist? No. As a matter of fact I think the people that did this should be tied to the back of a truck, but with bungee chords, so every time this ISIS pussy gets caught on something the chord stretches and then springs back slams him into the tailgate of the American made pick up thats dragging his ass. They should be water boarded with Lake Michigan, have his testicles stretched out so far that

you can string them on Bruce Springsteen's fender guitar and let the boss power chord Born in the USA.

I gotta be honest I really think we need a reset. Humanity seems to be like a bad router. A router that keeps going down and screwing up our existential human internet connection. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to unplug the world and then plug it back in. SURE a lot of us are gonna die but a lot of us are dying now. Today. We in America and every other industrialized country just seem to be protected, in a bubble that once in awhile gets popped like it did last night in Manchester, England. 22 people dead. Same as Newtown. You get that right? It’s easier because it happened OVER THERE. But it’s happened here and it will again, sadly. Just don’t let it change you, don’t let it stop you, don't let the terrorist win and do not let it ruin your plans of getting tickets for Weird Al Yankovic's world tour.

I’m Christopher Titus and this is the Armageddon Update.

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