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“It’s time we laugh about this s#!t”

2018, what the hell is going on? Hawaii just got an incoming nuclear missile threat and because of our new leader, people believed it. We have lost our way as a country. The world thinks we’re a joke and there’s a joke in the most powerful position in the world. I would give my yakuza pinkie right now for Mitt Romney. All that being said the new show is a killer balance between right and left. Thoughtful conservatives and my Grandma are starting to realize that we made a mistake. AMERIGEDDON is bringing the country together one drunk audience at a time. It’s for all of us because it takes one side, The side of America. Don’t worry about anything people! It’ll be okay, we will survive, or live in a post apocalyptic gasoline fueled thrill ride where tribes fight each other over who should lead...just like now, except we’ll all have Mohawks.

Christopher Titus, January, 2018

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"If you have kids it's therapy,

if you don't have kids it's

90 minutes of birth control"

In the Top 20 Funniest Comedy Albums of 2016

                                                                    -The Laugh Button

Born With a Defect takes the audience on a wild ride through Titus' personal life, proves why he isn’t qualified to be a father, and why childless couples win. Titus again takes you down some roads that may be unlikely to win him a CNN Heroes' Award, but will always be hilarious. His reasoning as to why owning a Lamborghini  is better than having children, along with more of his beloved dysfunctional personal anecdotes, will have you clutching your sides with laughter. This is some of his most surprising material to date, and Christopher Titus again shows in his seventh ninety-minute special why he is one of the best comics working today.

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Christopher Titus Born with a defect


“We need comedy to get rid of our desire to kill”

Known as one of the best and most prolific comedians working today, Christopher Titus releases his sixth 90-minute comedy special, The Angry Pursuit of Happiness, which was reviewed as his best performance to date. The show takes the audience on a wild ride-- from Titus’ surprising solution to all of the world’s problems, to his insight in “Here’s How Life Goes,” to his ‘me-logy,’ where Titus gives his own eulogy. Titus takes this special to new comedic places he hasn’t gone before. At an hour and 45 minutes, it’s double the normal special.  As Titus says, “We need comedy to get rid of our desire to kill,” so save a life and laugh your ass off at ANGRY PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Christopher Titus Angry Pursuit of happiness


"Come join the Church of the Epic Fail"

Failures of the epic variety just so happen to be Titus’ specialty. Sure, he hasn’t blown up a car with a sock yet (that we know of), but he did total his dream car, a brand new Dodge Viper, thus permanently transforming it into “lawn furniture.” That’s just one of the many hilarious failures in Titus’ life that he discusses with perfect timing and masterful storytelling in VOICE IN MY HEAD. He touches on the tried-but-true comedy stand-by: success isn’t funny, but grand and total failure, especially the kind that involves unknowingly insulting a blind woman in your audience (one of the funniest parts of this album) is true comedy. Titus points out that it’s his impulsive, crass nature (his hardwired need for tarnishing a good thing) that caused all of the mess-ups in his life, including his failed marriage and the cancellation of his show.  Titus' ability to retell his failures with perfect, amusing details reminds us that failure is integral to the human condition, making this album highly relatable and bitingly funny.

Voices in my head Christopher Titus


"New Decade, New Rules."

"Christopher Titus has very calmly stepped into the shoes George Carlin as one of the few comedians who really joke about things that matter," said one reviewer of NEVERLUTION.  Carlin is perhaps the best comparison for this latest special, as Titus takes aim more at society than at his own family.  From social responsibility, to politics, to drug use and child-rearing, Titus covers it all.  Regardless of the topic, every joke in the Titus arsenal remains powerful and personal. No comedian today has blended his own soul into every joke so effectively. It’s so human, it’s off putting, but will make you laugh even harder.

Christopher Titus Neverloution


"Brutal, hilarious and audacious".


On a stage decorated like the inside of a house with a skulls and hearts motif, Titus comfortably wanders as he tells his tales with a bubbly, almost disbelieving tone that betrays how darkly funny the things he says are. As you can tell from the title, “Love is Evol,” this special is about the dark side of romance, which Titus distills through his own personal experience, beginning with his divorce in 2006.  In true Titus style, this story involves apparent mental illness, plastic surgery and at least one knife attack. When he uses an on-stage kitchen table to replicate the discussion with his father telling the story behind his conception, you realize just how twisted and talented Titus is. The story is all over the map, alternating between hilarious and horrifying, but the most impressive part is how it shows just how good Titus is at stage performance, switching back and forth from dad to son. When he goes into his bit about having an “inner retard,” and portrays it onstage, or shows how he wanted his wife to leave divorce court, we defy you not to at least smile. He’s performing, not just telling jokes.

Christopher Titus Love is Evol


"It's the end of the world people,

an Armageddon checklist."

With this special, Titus earns the listener's trust with familiar topics like parenthood and the Bush Jr. administration, covered in an especially cutting fashion. Titus crawls into some truly dark territory as the comedian covers his eye-opening and draining visit to Iraq, priests who face molestation charges, and his father's numerous heart attacks and eventual death. Titus deconstructs his inner nihilist across the routine as a disgusted and damaged comic who is "pretty good at finding funny in a dark place," then in the second half, becomes a gripping and surprisingly sentimental storyteller trying to cope with a world gone wrong, while simultaneously dealing with the loss of his father. He idealizes his brutish dad after he's gone, and sees all the caring through the cracks in the man's gruff exterior.  The FIFTH ANNUAL END OF THE WORLD TOUR is a strange mix of painful, poignant, and very funny. It sticks to the bones.  

Christopher Titus Love is Evol



"63% of America is now considered

dysfunctional, that means we're normal"

The inspiration for his network television series, NORMAN ROCKWELL IS BLEEDING is standup comedian/sitcom star Christopher Titus' epic monologue on his dysfunctional family, one that he premiered in 2000 at the Montreal Just for Laughs festival.  Rockwell is a riveting and sometimes overwhelming ride that pulls belly laughs and hope out of seeming brutality and despair. This fine example of standup as a poignant art form shouldn’t be missed, and was the springboard for Christopher Titus' successful comedy career.

Christopher Titus Love is Evol


In 2004, Titus filmed “Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding.” In the 12 years following, he wrote and filmed six more 90-minute comedy specials. This set contains all seven– Ten and a half hours of groundbreaking stand-up comedy, including a bonus interview with Titus. Known for leaving no stone unturned, especially within his own life and family, Titus takes his audience on seven different ninety-minute rides through childhood, 911, divorce, America, his epic failures, happiness and raising children, and he always does it with just the Right Amount of Wrong.

This Package Includes:

Norman Rockwell is Bleeding
5th Annual End of the World Tour
Love is evoL
Voice in My Head
Angry Pursuit of Happiness
Born With A Defect



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