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Taken Out at the Ball Game

Well Summer is here love is in the air trees are in full bloom and the baseball fields are full of psychotic gunman. You may have heard that a gunman on a baseball field in DC opened fire on a group of congressmen getting ready for a charity baseball game. FIRST I want to ask the big question, why the hell were these congressmen playing baseball on a Wednesday. Don’t we have a country to run? I don’t think our leaders should have the same schedule as an elementary school. But I’m getting off point. Now to be clear the saddest part of this update every week is the amount of time we spend on guns and shootings. Our podcast started way back in January of 2011 with the Jared Laughner shooting of Gabby Giffords at a Safeway in Tucson. In six years nothing has changed. Nothing. Well one thing has changed Laughner was just crazy as a shithouse rat on meth with a video game addiction. Had Gabby Giffords not been there he would have shot someone else. The man that shot at Congress today specifically targeted Republicans. He had stopped one of the senators before he started shooting and asked “Who’s playing today, are these guys Democrats or Republicans? I would have said, They’re Americans, period.

I’m done people. We are at a point in this country where things are so bad that we have stopped seeing each other as countrymen and are now seeing each other as ideas, and if we don’t agree with those ideas then those who disagree need to die? That sounds sane doesn’t it? Yeah that’s an idea that has always worked throughout history. Check it out, eventually every society starts to follow the same bullshit path. Hutu fight the Tutsi in Africa, a million die, Sunni fight the Shia, a million die, and millions died when the Russians fought the Chechens. 'Course Russians fight everyone else they share a border with. The problem I have with this new level is that as long as I’ve lived, at the end of the day we were Americans first. Until now. When a party won we followed their rules and if it didn’t work they got voted out. And the other side bitched, but stayed American. Until now. And we have had some real idiots in office. That’s a constant. But we are supposed to disagree, we don’t aim and pull the trigger because congress is stupid. Because if it was okay to shoot stupid congressmen we couldn’t manufacture enough ammunition. Joke. Don’t write me. Look up a Mark twain Quote and write him.

Our thoughts are with the injured, no one deserves this. We have to remember, ideas are imaginary and always change, human beings are real, and when we get to the point that you think you can kill a person because you don’t agree with their ideas then your are no longer an American. You are no longer human. You are a psychopath and honestly to the gunman today, I’m glad you died in the hail of gunfire from law enforcement. Our government is screwed right now, we are dealing with an Alzheimers ridden rodeo clown of a President and an inept group of corrupt legislators that don’t seem to care about the people. That doesn’t mean they deserve to be shot. If every inept douche bag deserved to be shot, the countryside would be littered with bullet hole riddled Toyota Priuses. The weird part about this is this is a Bernie Sanders supporter. Holy crap the most liberal candidate we have has violent murderous followers. Who knew Liberals had their own pro LGBT Ted Nugent.

Watching the Congressmen talk about the need for security and protection and how Congressmen have families and kids. I feel for them, it’s serious, They understand that we live in an America where we are all at risk, all the time. We just can’t live in fear. Don't let the bastards win. Really glad that no one was killed today. The only thing we can hope is that now that our congress has been through such a nightmare, They were just in a park, playing a game where bullets have no place. There are no bullets in baseball! I’d hope our legislators now have a better connection and a deeper compassion for the victims of Newtown, Aurora, and Santa Barbara. A lot of things aren't real until they happen to you. And thats’ why I don't play baseball.

I’m Christopher Titus and this is the armageddon update.

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